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PANEL Wednesday 19 May 2021: Current Challenges in Conservation

In light of the events of the past year, from the global pandemic to the impacts of climate change which have amplified the short- and long-term risks to the preservation of cultural heritage, the conservation sector is in a unique position to contribute to the dialogue on these important issues.

This one-hour panel discussion will highlight these topics in the context of accessibility, communication, and sustainability and discuss approaches to address these challenges. With Dr. Zhao’s keynote lecture as the jumping-off point each panelist will give a brief introduction to seed ideas for the conversation that follows. Delegate participation is encouraged via the Q&A function of the virtual meeting platform.

This panel session is a starting point for active engagement with ICOM-CC members and delegates on these topics, presenting pragmatic examples of ways that ICOM-CC can facilitate, support, and advocate for the field. Various post-conference activities are planned to continue these discussions.

Keynote date: Wednesday 19 May, 15:00 (UTC+8)

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