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Working Group, author name and title of accepted PAPERS for the Triennial Conference.

Please note the following:

  • Main author family names are presented in UPPERCASE.
  • The list may change and is ordered by Working Group, not in order of presentation.

Archaeological Materials and Sites

  • Where there is a will, there is a way: Preserving the bedding on detached mosaics CHLOUVERAKI Stefania, Eleftherios Charalambous, Theocharis Katrakazis
  • Fifty-plus years of on-site metals conservation at Sardis: Correlating treatment efficacy and implementing new approaches FRANK Emily, Brian Castriota
  • Conservation and preservation strategies for royal painted tombs in Kurru, Sudan: Acknowledging the past while planning for the future HATCHFIELD Pamela, Camille Bourse, Evelyn Mayberger, Jan Cutajar, Janelle Batkin-Hall
  • Research on the comprehensive protection of the Xi Xia Mausoleums site HE Xiaoyan, Ning Jin
  • Bronze corrosion on archaeological sites: Correlation of past and present microenvironments via in situ pH, chloride and redox measurements MACLEOD Ian Donald, Alice Boccia Paterakis
  • Identification and analysis of floor mosaic substructures revealed by ground-penetrating radar MARIS Christos, Meropi Manataki, Apostolos Sarris
  • Identification of polymer-based artefacts from the former Wheeler Residence at the Mernda archaeological site in Victoria, Australia: A comparison of attenuated total reflectance and reflectance spectroscopic techniques WONG Sharon Shu Hui, Petronella Nel, Barbara Stuart, Clare Kim

Art Technological Source Research

  • Paintings by Carlos Vergara – Building a library of materials CORRÊA MAIA Marilene, Renato Freitas
  • "The Doerner": An artists’ manual, art technological reference, and international long-seller KINSEHER Kathrin, Yao Erchang
  • Practice, process, and prints: Degas’ "Dancers Practicing in the Foyer" SCHMIDT PATTERSON Catherine, Line Clausen Pedersen, Devi Ormond
  • Unlocking histories: The Schoenfeld / LUKAS archive and its potential for art technological research SCHWADERLAPP Vanessa Maria, Inken Maria Holubec, Gunnar Heydenreich
  • The concept of authenticity in modified mounting formats for traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy YU Li


  • Borrowed or reassigned? Understanding the technique behind King Ramses IV’s reused coffin through visualization methods BADR Nour, Akiko Nishisaka, Eid Mertah, Moamen Othman, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Mahmoud El Behairy, Nabila Hassan, Ahmed Tarek
  • Distinction of green pigments from yellow mixed with blue and black using multispectral/multiband imagery BECHSTEDT Janin
  • Contribution patterns in a Citizen Heritage Science experiment BRIGHAM Rosie, Adam Frost, Josep Grau-Bove, Lewis D Griffin, Lyn Wilson, Matija Strlic, Marek Barwinski, Scott Orr
  • Cleaning paintings using in situ monitoring with complementary imaging techniques: Three-dimensional morphological measurements and reflection FTIR spectroscopy MATSUDA Yasunori, Shinnosuke Ono, Mikako Katagiri , Sai Sanada , Takashi Mizuochi
  • Authenticity, Instagram and the artist archive: Contemporary approaches to building a secure artist record in Indonesia O'DONNELL Eliza, Nicole Tse, Robyn Sloggett

Education and Training in Conservation

  • Execute, evaluate, repeat: Implementing an integrated Art + Science interpretation strategy at the Art Institute of Chicago CASADIO Francesca, Emily Lew Fry, Sarah Molina, Giannella Ysasi-Tavano
  • Improving transfer in the education of conservator-restorers DI PIETRO Giovanna, Andreas Buder, Manfred Künzel
  • Using complexity to deliver standardised educational levels in conservation HENDERSON Jane , Phil Parkes
  • Science in the art conservation curriculum II: Views of conservators MURRAY Alison, Kyna Biggs
  • Mid-career scientific training for 21st-century conservators: Methodology, research, and practice at the IIC International Training Centre at the Palace Museum, Beijing NEVIN Austin, Sarah Staniforth, Chan Shin-wai, Fang Xiaoji, Lei Yong, Shin Ningchang, Song Jirong
  • 'Old Goa Revelations': A collaborative project for the shared heritage of India and Portugal TEVES REIS Teresa, Ana Machado, António Candeias, Fernando Pereira, Mónica Reis, Sara Valadas, Teresa Caldeira, Luís Piorro
  • Public conservation at the Mauritshuis: Educating the technical art historians of the future VANDIVERE Abbie, Carol Pottasch

Glass and Ceramics

  • Scientific study on archaeological glass finds from the Qiemo kingdom unearthed along the southern route of the Silk Road in Xinjiang CHENG Qian, Guo Jinlong, Wang Bo
  • Damage assessment and mitigation measures for enamels displayed in historic buildings DOWNES Sophie, David Thickett, Sarah Lambarth
  • Curious compounds – Investigating the variety and structure of calcium acetate efflorescence on calcareous objects by XRPD EGGERT Gerhard, Robert E. Dinnebier, Sebastian Bette
  • From cuneiform to contemporary: The conservation of unfired clay O'CONNOR Ariel
  • Understanding Chinese snowflake glass: A collaborative research project VAN GIFFEN N. Astrid R., Harry Seaman, Shelly Xue, Gregory Merkel
  • Material investigation of cold-painted funerary ceramics of the Han dynasty WERTZ Julie, Angela Chang, Georgina Rayner, Katherine Eremin, Melissa Moy, Susan Costello

Graphic Documents

  • Using physical data to reassess transport and handling policies at the British Library GARSIDE Paul, Lesley Thomas, Karen Bradford
  • Advances in mending Chinese paper and books using fresh bamboo pulp HSIEH Paul, Yuan Jian-zeng
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to the conservation of paper and photographic collections for the opening of M+ Museum HUANG Jo-Fan, Christel Pesme
  • Testing storage materials for paper-based archives LANKESTER Paul, David Thickett
  • Evaluating the conservation quality of Chinese handmade paper: A case study on paper from Shiqiao village, Guizhou Province, China LIU Yuhui
  • An assessment of the material properties of Tibetan manuscripts from the 19th–20th century – Preliminary results LUO Yujia, Matija Strlic, Charles Willard, Quan Wei
  • From excavation to exhibition through cross-border cooperation: The journey forth into the light of the oldest inscribed papyri MENEI Eve, Mohamed Othman Moamen, Pierre Tallet
  • Klucel hydroxypropylcellulose: Its impact on artificial ageing and consequences for conservation usage – A case study PATAKI-HUNDT Andrea, Charlotte Bretzendorfer, Marlen Börngen
  • Fit for an emperor: Akbar’s luxury manuscript of the Baharistan of Jami and its conservation STIGLITZ Marinita, Celine Delattre, Fiona McLees
  • Iron on paper or ‘how beautifully the lines of force represent the disposition of the magnetic power’: Preserving Michael Faraday’s experiment results in the Royal Institution’s archive WYSZOMIRSKA-NOGA Zofia

Leather and Related Materials

  • Study on bonding reinforcement techniques in the restoration of ancient shadow puppets HUANG Yue
  • Method development for the identification of Russia leather - A comparative study of waterlogged leather samples TROALEN Lore, Alison Hulme, James Weatherill, Laurianne Robinet, Elise Blouet, Sylvie Heu-Thao, Logan Mackay

Legal Issues in Conservation

no presentations


  • Painting a bronze sculpture? Decision-making for the conservation of 'El Caballito' CONTRERAS-VARGAS Jannen, J. Ezequiel Romero-Chavez
  • Impact of previous chemical treatments and environmental storage conditions on miniature agricultural implements from Tutankhamun’s tomb ELMARAZKY Abdelaziz, Hussein Kamal
  • The preservation of metalwork in the Kathmandu Valley: Reflections on past and current practices GÄNSICKE Susanne , Nutandhar Sharma
  • Groundbreaking approaches to green and sustainable metals conservation JOSEPH Edith
  • Enameled steel in modern and contemporary art. A collaborative study on techniques, analysis, and conservation PERUGINI Flavia, Richard Newman
  • Edo-period bronze mirrors: Technical investigation and conservation of their reflective side SHEN Yijia, Fabio Aramini, Giuseppe Guida, Loretta Paderni, Vilma Basilissi, Gianfranco Priori
  • The synergy of craft, conservation, and cutting-edge technology: Conservation of arms and armour at the City Palace Museum, Udaipur, India SINGH Vandana, Hansmukh Seth
  • Managing silver tarnish THICKETT David, Kathryn Hallett

Modern Materials and Contemporary Art

  • An inclusive approach to modern artworks living on modern architecture BEERKENS Lydia, Angelique Friedrichs
  • "Ether Body": Materiality and transcendence CONE Louise, Birgitte Anderberg, Claus Carstensen
  • In search of a perfect bond: An evaluation of potential adhesives to repair transparent poly(methyl methacrylate) objects LAGANA Anna, Ella Hendriks , Maarten van Bommel, Michael Doutre, Michal Lukomski , Melissa David
  • The decay of PMMA and its conservation treatment: The case study of a kinetic work LANZA Maria Cristina, Giancarlo Sidoti, Paola Iazurlo, Maria Elisabetta Prunas
  • Unfolding interactions in the preservation of performance art at Tate MARCAL Helia, Louise Lawson
  • Richard Deacon’s "Never Mind" (1993–2017): The remake is the original? Negotiating the identity of a re-fabricated outdoor sculpture MEUL Veerle
  • Transparency in the age of replication ROJAS-SEBESTA Clara , Margo Delidow
  • Already out of fashion: The fashionable rise and chemical fall of thermoplastic polyurethane SCATURRO Sarah, Adriana Rizzo
  • The conservation of "Città irreale" (1968–69) by Mario Merz: How to prolong the life of an Arte Povera work WEERDENBURG Sandra, Franziska Klinkmüller, Rebecca Timmermans

Murals, Stone, and Rock Art

  • Two common dry mechanical cleaning methods for lime-based wall paintings – The problem of residues BRAJER Isabelle, Kathrine Segel, Michelle Taube, Anne Winding, Martin N. Mortensen
  • Enhanced recognition of multispectral digital images of Dunhuang murals using DStretch based on the Karhunen-Loève transform CHAI Bolong, Su Bomin, Wang Zhuo, Yu Zongren
  • The Shekhawati Project: International and interdisciplinary collaboration for the conservation of Rajasthan wall paintings COTTE Sabine, Anu Khandal, Cecile Charpentier, Harpreet Tanday
  • Development of a neural network approach for automated recognition of prehistoric carvings at Stonehenge LEONG Gavin, Matthew Brolly
  • Determining decay mechanisms on engraved rock art sites using pH, chloride ion and redox measurements with an assessment of the impact of cyclones, sea salt and nitrate ions on acidity MACLEOD Ian Donald, Warren Fish
  • The modern Catholic wall paintings by Gino Severini in Switzerland: An integrated technical study PIQUE Francesca, Camille Noverraz, Margherita d’Ayala Valva, Paola Iazurlo
  • Removing soiling from medieval lime-based wall paintings with water-loaded Nanorestore Gel Peggy 6 SEGEL Kathrine, Isabelle Brajer , David Chelazzi, Charlotte Martin de Fonjaudran, Hanna Eriksson, Ingrid Wedberg, Rodorico Giorgi
  • A model to assess insolation impact on painted rock surfaces THORN Andrew
  • Ensuring the sustainability of conservation: Monitoring and maintenance in the tomb of Tutankhamen WONG Lori, Hany Hussein, Sara Lardinois, Neville Agnew, Ramadan Salem Mohamed Bedair

Natural History Collections

  • One cat just leads to another HOVMAND Ida, Dorte V.P. Sommer, Kim Pilkjær Simonsen

Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures

  • The Bisj Pole Conservation Project at the Tropenmuseum: Pesticide mitigation during conservation treatment HENSEL Jessica, Martijn de Ruijter, Luc Megens
  • Challenges in the conservation of collections in open-air museums in Cameroon: Endogenous techniques and resilience—The case of the Museum of Batoufam HEUMEN TCHANA Hugues
  • Scientific analysis of indigenous materials in Indian palm-leaf manuscripts SHARMA Deepakshi , M. Velayudhan Nair, Manager Singh
  • Artefact access: The gulf between theory and practice SMITH Catherine, Ranui Ngarimu
  • A subtle shift: The care and use of Indigenous belongings after the 'Calls to Action' SWIERENGA Heidi


  • Jan Steen’s eclectic use of green and blue pigments ALBRECHT Marya , Ralph Haswell, Sabrina Meloni, Victor Gonzalez, Annelies van Loon, Onno de Noord
  • Canvas-related microcracks in Danish 19th-century paintings ANDERSEN Cecil Krarup, Troels Filtenborg, Mikkel Scharff
  • “Copy and Paste”: An integrated approach to a traditional field of Chinese painting HSIAO Yi-Hsia
  • Study on the application of an automatic hyperspectral scanning system to investigate Chinese paintings LEI Yong, Duan Peiquan, Chen Yao, Li Guanghua, Qu Liang, Sun Xuejian, Zhang Hongming
  • Revisiting cleaned acrylic emulsion painting surfaces ten years on: Observations and reflections ORMSBY Bronwyn, Judith Lee, Angelica Bartoletti, Letizia Monico, Odd Lundsbakken
  • Investigating the transition period from colored to white preparatory layers in 18th-century French canvas paintings: A retrospective study SALVANT Johanna, Clara Negrello, Elisabeth Ravaud, Guillaume Faroult, Myriam Eveno, Gilles Bastian, Claire Betelu
  • Splashed across the page: Understanding Joshua Reynolds’s paint media through analysis of drips in his pocket books VON ADERKAS Nelly, Alexandra Gent, David Peggie
  • Max Pechstein’s "Sommer in den Dünen": Joint research on the intended surface aesthetics WEBER Fanny

Photographic Materials

  • Reprint and destroy? Wolfgang Tillmans' artistic practice: The reprinting and the intentional destruction of large-format inkjet prints MARCHESI Monica
  • Light matters: Photographic material related to Vilhelm Hammershøi and his circle VILA Anna, Birgit V. Hansen, Gertrud Oelsner, Annette R. Hvidt, David Buti
  • Developing strategies for the preservation of film collections – Integrating NIRS analysis as a part of the process WINTHER Thea, Agnes Blüher, Joakim Andersson, Dirk Lichtblau

Preventive Conservation

  • The influence of preventive conservation on cultural relics in grottos undergoing conservation in China AN Cheng, Cui Guanghai, Zhang Rong, Zheng Yu
  • Mind the gap – Developing new display cases for the manuscripts of Anne Frank ANKERSMIT Bart, Teresien da Silva
  • Loans to non-museum organisations: Concepts for crossing boundaries BROKERHOF Agnes, Daphne Nieuwenhuijse, Hester Lensink, Marja Peek, Nathalie Menke, Renate van Leijen, Simone Vermaat
  • Comparison of temperature and relative humidity analysis tools to address practitioner needs and improve decision-making COSAERT Annelies, Vincent Beltran
  • The use of ‘combined reporting’ to support preventive conservation at the British Library GARSIDE Paul, Karen Bradford, Sarah Hamlyn
  • Modelling and performance evaluation of storage enclosures GRAU-BOVÉ Josep, Matija Strlic, Himantha Cooray, Morana Novak, Scott Allan Orr
  • Preventive conservation training: A partnership between the UK and Myanmar HENDERSON Jane , Alex Dawson, Amy Crossman, U Kyaw Shin Naung
  • Comparing the air quality performance in unoccupied storage buildings between mechanical ventilation and semi-passive climate control HJERRILD SMEDEMARK Signe, Jørn Toftum, Morten Ryhl-Svendsen
  • Principles for developing low-cost, sustainable stores LANKESTER Paul, Amber Xavier-Rowe, David Thickett
  • Environmental control of algal growth on the wall paintings in Hoejerup Church LARSEN Poul Klenz, Isabelle Brajer
  • For whose benefit? Integrating people and conservation LLOYD Helen, Katy Lithgow
  • Surface alteration of Japanese lacquers on exposure to (UV-free) light PRETZEL Boris
  • Taming the beast: Preservation and display of the Whitechapel fatberg ROBINSON-CALVER Sharon, Andy Holbrook, Vyki Sparkes
  • Illuminating yellow and red feathers in museum exhibits: Microfading tests and light sensitivity of their bio-pigments TOURNIÉ Aurélie, Éléonore Kissel, Céline Daher, Christine Andraud, Fabrice Sauvagnargues, Jacques Cuisin, Véronique Illes
  • Decontaminating an entire museum collection affected by asbestos VON LERBER Karin, Stephan Baumann, Daniel Gervasi
  • Investigation of pests in the thangka storerooms at the Palace Museum, Beijing ZHANG Guoqing, Qu Yajie, Zhang Rui, Zhao Li

Scientific Research

  • The opportunities of a global, shared research infrastructure for the conservation community CASSAR JoAnn, Matija Strlic
  • Unveiling the importance of diffusion on the deterioration of cellulose acetate artefacts: The profile of plasticiser loss as assessed by infrared microscopy DA ROS Simoní, Isabella del Gaudio, Katherine Curran, Argyro Gili, Bronwyn Ormsby, Deborah Cane, Joyce H. Townsend
  • Numerical modeling of metal soap formation and microcracking in historical oil paintings EUMELEN Gijs, Emanuela Bosco, Akke Suiker, Annelies van Loon, Piet Iedema, Joen Hermans, Katrien Keune
  • Study of water-soluble light aging products on Asian lacquer surfaces HAN Jing, Marianne Webb, Michael R. Schilling, Herant Khanjian
  • Study on the application of amino acid analysis to evaluate the degradation degree of ancient silk fabrics JIA Liling, Zheng Hailing, Zhou Yang
  • The application of deep learning to automatic image recognition of bronze wares JIANG Wan, Gao Huaguang, Yao Na, Zhang Huiyan
  • Analysis of the royal seals of the National Palace Museum of Korea KIM Hyoyun, Seunghee Kang, Hyuknam Kwon, Myeongseong Lee
  • Standoff laser spectroscopy for wall paintings, monuments and architectural interiors LIANG Haida, Alex Hogg, Sotiria Kogou, Stig Evans, C. S. Cheung, Li Yu
  • Dose-response modelling for the discolouration of historical iron gall ink on paper LIU Yun, Tom Fearn, Matija Strlic
  • Determination of the endurance limit of a paint layer ROCHE Alain
  • Reassessing the ResinKit as a plastics reference collection for cultural heritage research SMITH Gregory, Heidi V. Kastenholz, Michael J. Samide, Anne M. Wilson
  • Increasing evidence-based decision-making for loan agreements TAYLOR Joel, Michal Lukomski, Lukasz Bratasz
  • Photospectrometric characterization of pigments using an unprocessed xenon light source THORN Andrew
  • Observation and analysis of Zwischgold on late medieval sculptures WU Qing, Erwin Hildbrand, Peter Wyer, Tiziana Lombardo, Vera Hubert, Benjamin Watts, Frithjof Nolting, Katharina Schmidt-Ott, Rainer Fink
  • Application of hyperspectral imaging technology to the analysis and research of Chinese paintings and calligraphy WU Wangting, Hou Miaole, Lv Shuqiang
  • Study on the rapid detection of mold contamination on paper using the fast GC e-nose ZENG Tan, He Na, Tang Huan, Wang Chun

Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration

  • Cyclododecane as protection for water-sensitive polychromy during water bath desalination of limestone sculptures: The case study of a mid-15th-century wall-mounted memorial from the Burgundian Netherlands DE CLERCQ Camille, Sebastiaan Godts
  • A technical study of exceptionally preserved polychromy and gilding on a Roman marble head DINE Haddon, Glenn Gates, Lisa Anderson-Zhu, Mark Abbe, Angela Elliott
  • Tracing the past: Observations on a gilded marble relief attributed to Francesco di Simone Ferrucci HATCHFIELD Pamela, Paolo Parmiggiani
  • Illuminating Japanese Buddhist sculpture: Conservation, history, analysis, and presentation HYKIN Abigail , Evelyn Mayberger, Linsly Boyer
  • An ethnographic approach to developing new conservation strategies for the archaeological clay-based sculpture of the Silk Road LÓPEZ-PRAT Mònica, Begoña Carrascosa, Domenico Miriello, José Simón-Cortés, Sudipa Ray Bandyopadhyay
  • The altar by Veit Stoss in Krakow: Main issues involved in a complex conservation research project MARTYNOWICZ Iwona, Jaroslaw Adamowicz, Marcin Strojecki, Michal Plotek
  • Recovering networks: The polychromy of Portuguese medieval sculpture SÁ Sara, Carla Varela Fernandes, Isabel Pombo Cardoso, Maria João Vilhena
  • The many faces of Guanyin: Conservation and context of a polychrome bodhisattva TOM Cybele, Clara Granzotto, Ken Sutherland


  • Repair and protection of umbrella fabrics at the Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum CHEN Na, Yang Hailiang
  • Preserving a sleeping beauty: The remodelling of a baroque state bed and developing strategies for its long-term display FRANZON Maria , Kriste Sibul
  • Electrolytic cleaning of silver threads – Effects of electrolytes on the condition of silk HINDBORG Karin, Elyse Canosa, Stavroula Golfomitsou, Marei Hacke
  • The wabi-sabi of 'boro' rags and the art of textile conservation ISHII Mie
  • Strain development in historic tapestries MÁXIMO ROCHA Pedro, Alejandro Schrott, Constantina Vlachou-Mogire, Dina D’Ayala, Levente Klein, Mika Takami
  • Analysis and conservation of painted silk colours: Protecting paint and dyes with barriers NILSSON Johanna, Marei Hacke
  • Mystery solved! Conservation and analysis as problem solvers for a group of metallic decorative braids from the excavation of the Holy Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Thessaly, Greece TSATSOULI Konstantina, Stylianos Lamprakopoulos, Dimitrios Lampakis, Stefanos Zaoutsos
  • Diversified treatment for fragile ancient Chinese silks WANG Shujuan, Lou Shuqi, Wang Xiaofei, Yang Rulin, Zheng Hailing
  • Early 16th-century mix-media retables: Study and conservation of the silk flowers in the Enclosed Gardens of Mechelen WATTEEUW Lieve, Ina Vanden Berghe, Joke Vandermeersch

Theory, History, and Ethics of Conservation

  • An integrated conservation approach to a historic collection: The controversial varnishing of Munch's paintings FORD Thierry
  • Conservation between scientific methodology and laboratory application: An integrated approach to past and present challenges HAMZA NagmEldeen, Mie Ishii , Eslam Shaheen
  • Intervention vigilance in conservation: Lessons from the medical profession HILL Joshua, Ilsa Haeusler
  • Transcending boundaries in the use of concepts: The case of antifragility HOUBART Claudine, Muriel Verbeeck
  • Towards a relational ontology of conservation MARCAL Helia
  • Interventions: Contesting time, expertise and perspective in conservation decision-making O'GRADY Caitlin
  • History of Japanese painting conservation: A review of techniques and principles OKA Iwataro
  • Mock-ups and materiality in conservation research STOVELAND Lena Porsmo, Bronwyn Ormsby, Martje Stols-Witlox, Noëlle L. W. Streeton
  • New expectations for conservation in Norway in the 1960s: Bjørn Kaland and the altarpiece from Holmedal STREETON Noëlle L.W., Alexandra Böhme
  • What do we talk about when we talk about 'future generations'? TAYLOR Joel, MaryJo Lelyveld
  • “As much as is necessary for the harmony of the picture not to be disturbed”: The materials and methods used during the 1945–47 treatment of 'The Night Watch' by Rembrandt VAN DUIJN Esther
  • Intentio operis. From the "enclosed garden" to the open work VERBEECK Muriel

Wet Organic Archaeological Materials

  • Experimental study on the consolidation of decayed wooden planks on the Quanzhou Ship: A discussion of the possibility of retreatment SHEN Dawa, Fei Lihua, Hu Pei, Li Naisheng, Lin Yongfeng, Tian Xingling, Wu Gengfeng, Zeng Guoqiang
  • Non-destructive assessment of conserved archaeological wood using computed tomography STELZNER Ingrid, Joerg Stelzner, Markus Wittkoepper, Philipp Schuetz, Damian Gwerder, Jorge Martinez-Garcia, Markus Egg, Waldemar Muskalla
  • Silk fibroin consolidation and tracking of the protective effect on ancient saturated silk fabrics ZHENG Hailing, Zhou Yang

Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer

  • Analysis and conservation treatment resolutions for the decorative interiors of the buildings in the Qianlong Garden in the Forbidden City BUCK Susan
  • Coromandel lacquer diversities in the Qing dynasty CHANG Julie, Michael Schilling, Ian Freestone
  • Non-invasive dendrochronology – Pushing the boundaries of the technique DALY Aoife, Bettina Ebert
  • The role of international projects in popularising knowledge on urushi lacquerware treatments in Central Europe GUZOWSKA Anna, Joanna Koryciarz-Kitamikado, Shigeru Kitamura
  • Hold tight! Innovative 'shimbari' systems for the stabilization of surfaces HAUSDORF Daniel, Christina Hagelskamp, Joseph Hutchins
  • Chinese lacquer decorations for Catholic European consumers in the 16th and 17th centuries – Stylistic and technical evolutions KÖRBER Ulrike, Michael Schilling, Cristina Dias
  • Reflections and transflections on gilding: A preliminary investigation of coatings on gilded picture frames MCGOWAN-JACKSON Holly, Raymonda Rajkowski
  • A collaborative, multidisciplinary and multi-analytical approach to the characterisation of 'barniz de Pasto' objects from the V&A collections MELCHAR Dana, Brenda Keneghan, Richard Newman, Vincent Fernandez, Lucia Burgio
  • New contributions on the use of Toxicodendron succedaneum in Cantonese lacquerware PETISCA Maria , Catherine Matsen
  • Research on the construction of Qing dynasty lacquerware in the Palace Museum collection ZHANG Xueyan, Gao Han, Lei Yong, Qu Liang, Shang Suhong, Shi Ningchang, Wang Luyi, Wang Xiaojun
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