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Chinese Historical Chronology

Admiral Shi Lang (Ming and Qing dynasties - 17th century) with Company Officials at a Well on the Sea, by Anonymous Chinese artist, 18th century.

Prehistoric Period
Paleolithic Period: ca. 1,600,000 years ago-ca. 10,000 years ago.
Neolithic Period: ca. 10,000 BC-2100 BC

Dynastic Period
Xia Dynasty: ca. 2100-1600 BC
Shang Dynasty: ca. 1600-1100 BC
Western Zhou Dynasty: 1046 BC-771 BC
Warring States and Spring and Autumn Period: 770 BC-221 BC

Imperial Period
Qin Dynasty: 221 BC-207 BC
Han Dynasty: 206 BC-220 AD
Three Kingdoms: 220-280
Western Jin Dynasty: 265-316
Eastern Jin Dynasty: 317-420
Southern and Northern Dynasties: 420-589
Sui Dynasty: 581-618
Tang Dynasty: 618-907
Five Dynasties: 907-960
Liao Dynasty: 907-1125
Northern Song Dynasty: 960-1127
Southern Song Dynasty: 1127-1276
Jin Dynasty: 1115-1234
Yuan Dynasty: 1271-1368
Ming Dynasty: 1368-1644
Qing Dynasty: 1644-1912

Modern Period
Republic of China: 1912-1949
People's Republic of China: 1949-present

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